The purpose of the HPP Institute is to expose practicing physicians to the latest practice solutions developed by other physicians. These are valuable solutions because they have been developed by physicians in the clinical trenches for pressing clinical needs - accurate coding, compliance regulations, payment for work done, detailed documentation of the patient-physician encounter, streamlining of office work flow, and prompt payment with fewer rejected claims.

Our Goals:

Our conferences consist of a physician faculty, who practice in the clinical trenches, talking to other physicians about practical, useful and inexpensive technological applications that ensure compliance, productivity, and profitability. Our first twelve conferences had a 94 percent positive evaluation rating (67 percent excellent, 27 percent good).

Our physician faculty speaks about practical solutions and intensively interacts with attendees to demonstrate the practicality of various solutions. Our main themes are appropriate documentation, streamlining office practices, and constructively changing workflow patterns. In these conferences, we teach doctors the implementation of technology.